Diane Calabria

Diane Calabria, RYT, (Registered Yoga Teacher), practices and teaches Ananda Yoga, a meditative, gentle style of yoga from the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yoga. A student of yoga since 1981 and a yoga teacher since 2004, she believes everyone can do yoga. Diane has completed over 300 hours of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training with Gyandev McCord, co-founder of Yoga Alliance and Director of Ananda Yoga Worldwide; and Diksha McCord and Savitri Simpson, co-directors of Ananda Meditation Teacher Training. Here is a listing of her training:

Level I Basic                                       200 hours        2004
Advanced Yoga Intensive            29.25 hours    2005
Meditation Teacher Training    67 hours        2007
Advanced Pranayama                  45.25 hours    2009
Essence of the Gita                          34 hours        2011
Total                                                      375  hours
Her teaching style also includes influences from Iyengar Yoga and the ayurvedic perspective of David Frawley. She’s traveled twice to India, birthplace of yoga, to ashrams where bhakti (devotional) and karma (service) yoga are emphasized.

Starting in 2006, Diane has been an instructor with AgeLess Yoga. In addition to teaching yoga classes, she also leads a workshop on meditation for AgeLess Yoga. Her other teaching experience includes meditation and yoga asana (postures) instruction in central Minnesota to private students, through Rocori Community Education, The College of Saint Benedict, Mill Stream Wellness Arts Center and Unity Spiritual Center of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Along with her husband, Ralph Calabria, Diane often leads mediation and spiritual study groups based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Diane Calabria and I were presenters at a yoga conference, held in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2006. In addition to speaking and teaching our own individual yoga classes for the conference, we both were part of a panel of yoga teachers who took questions about yoga from audience members.

I was very taken by the quality of her answers to these questions. Her responses were clear, insightful and accurate, as they were based on a deep understanding of yoga philosophy and practice. After the conference, we continued to talk about yoga and soon after did some yoga practice together.

When Diane expressed an interest in teaching yoga through AgeLess Yoga, I was honored and delighted to welcome her as an instructor.

With every class she has co-taught with me, as well as the ones she has taught on her own, I have been impressed by the enthusiastic response she elicits from our yoga students. They find her teaching to be clear, encouraging and of real help in learning yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation.

On a personal note, Bonnett and I are proud and grateful to have an instructor of her caliber to co-teach with me, and lead classes  and meditation workshops at AgeLess Yoga.

Richard Chandler