Jessie Sandoval

Bio for Jessie L. Sandoval, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor

Jessie Sandoval, Yoga Instructor

Jessie’s yoga journey started during a yoga class in college and grew into a passion that helped lead her to a teaching training course in Houston, TX shortly after graduate school. Jessie is certified through Yoga Alliance having completed a 1 year, 300 hour level training. She has over 13 years of teaching experience to a diverse population; most recently she taught classes for students, faculty and staff at the College of Saint Benedict and currently teaches for gyms and yoga studios in the St Cloud, MN area. Jessie has facilitated classes for corporate, gym and studio settings as well as specialty yoga classes for women, men, seniors, children, and pre/post natal yoga. Her experience also includes teaching private yoga sessions and creating yoga workshops and retreats aimed at teaching people how to incorporate yoga into their lives. She has trained yoga instructors and currently presents at various professional conferences – offering pre-conference workshops on wellness and providing morning yoga classes.

Through her teaching, Jessie aims to provide an opportunity for students to practice stillness and learn to observe their inner self through physical postures, breath work and meditation.  She encourages students to build awareness of their body, breath, mind, and spirit and to cultivate compassion for who they are as individuals. Through continued practice and dedication to yoga, Jessie hopes students who come to her classes will start to embrace yoga as more than a physical exercise, but a way of life.

Yoga has provided an abundance of peace and serenity in Jessie’s life and her ultimate desire is to share yoga with everyone.  She believes yoga is an amazing form of exercise because each individual encounters a different path or journey in his/her practices – no two people are the same and no two yoga practices are alike.  In other words, yoga is unique to each person who chooses to explore its many benefits.  One of Jessie’s favorite quotes and a mantra that guides her practice and teaching is by B.K.S Iyengar who says, “Yoga works on each individual for his or her growth and betterment, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is meant for the whole of humanity.”