Holistic Healing Continues
Yoga people use therapeutic massage to nurture their body & let stress go…

We Love Beginners
If you are new to yoga, or if you wish to let go of stress, tension and tightness, join us for restorative yoga.​​

Offering a Variety of Styles
​Our instructors are trained in multiple styles of yoga to offer students a more holistic yoga education.​

Individually Oriented Classes
​Our classes invite you to let go of tension & stress while learning the ancient art of yoga​

Meet Our Instructors

Our Yoga instructors strive to provide a great education in yoga and it’s applications.​

Welcome to AgeLess Yoga

Learn Yoga! St. Cloud, MN Yoga Lessons and Private Classes by an Experienced Teacher. We Love Beginners! Text or Call with Questions: 320-282-8029

The week of November 20th, 2017. Would this be a good time to get a head start on your goals for a more calm and fit life? We offer private yoga lessons and small classes of up to 3 people. The cost is $70 per hour of instruction with a one-hour minimum. Beginners are Welcome! We warmly invite all Saint Cloud area persons wishing to study yoga.  Private yoga lessons are held in our St. Cloud AcuPolarity Wellness Center facility. See our AgeLess Yoga facebook page below for yoga tips. (We appreciate liking our page!)

St. Cloud Minnesota AgeLess Yoga private lessons and private classes are for beginners to advanced practitioners. You’ll appreciate individual help and our open, accepting and encouraging way of teaching yoga. Yoga questions? Advice for furthering your yoga practice? Yoga coaching? Please call, text or email us.

Please also visit our massage therapy site: St Cloud Massage and our counseling and consulting site: StCloudCounselingTherapy.com Note: We Welcome & Affirm LGBTQ Clients.

“By synchronizing body, breath and awareness, this yoga has the effect of slowing our aging process.” – Richard Chandler​​​​, MA, LPC

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