We Love Beginners
If you are new to yoga, or if you wish to let go of stress, tension and tightness, join us in learning restorative yoga.​​

Offering a Variety of Styles
​Our instructors are trained in multiple styles of yoga to offer students a more holistic yoga education.​

Individually Oriented Classes
​Our classes invite you to let go of tension & stress while learning the ancient art of yoga​

Meet Our Instructors

Our Yoga instructors strive to provide a great education in yoga and it’s applications.​

Private Yoga Lessons for Older Beginners in St. Cloud, MN

Consider starting, or furthering your yoga practice this week of September 21st, 2020. With Covid-19 and social distancing, I am doing private yoga lessons on nice days in my backyard for $60 per one-hour session. 

Have Your Own Yoga Class of One or Two!

​I help older yoga students, those with health limitations, or people who are not currently in top physical condition, to safely learn yoga. You may begin at any age; I have students in their 60’s – 80’s. You may gently ease into a yoga practice:

  • Learn yoga safely, as we provide social distancing through an outdoor yoga space​
  • When it is a little safer, we have a large indoor yoga room allowing 8’ of space between Richard, your instructor, and you​
  • We also have a smaller yoga room once we are OK to again have instruction without distancing
  • How you can make a start, even if you are in your 80’s or 90’s
  • ​How to use yoga ways of moving and breathing within other activities that you do including walking, climbing stairs, even standing while waiting in a line
  • How to merge mindfulness meditation with yoga
  • Rehabilitating a troubled area of your body with yoga
  • Many fun ways to begin learning yoga​

I Answer Your Questions About Beginning Private Yoga Lessons in St. Cloud, MN

​Please call or text me at 320-282-8029, or email me at richardjchandler@gmail.com, and we can discuss what it might be like for you to begin yoga lessons. I will also answer all of your questions. Note: If you wish, you may do yoga lessons with a friend; basically having a class of 2. ​

Richard Chandler, MA,​ is a Very Experienced Yoga Teacher​

  • I have taught yoga for over two decades in St. Cloud, MN and in Tucson, AZ​​
  • The styles of yoga that I teach work very well for beginners​
  • Through experience of my former career as a massage therapist, I am attuned to how to adjust the yoga for your body, your level of fitness, and your areas of weakness or injury​​
  • In my current career as a psychotherapist, I understand the body-mind connection
  • Even though I am no longer teaching yoga classes, the experience of teaching hundreds of beginners yoga students of all ages helps me to focus on what is most helpful for you in your private yoga lessons

“By synchronizing body, breath, and awareness, this yoga has the effect of slowing our aging process.” Richard Chandler, MA, LPC

A Yoga Student Review:

“I’ve worked with Richard in private yoga lessons for nearly a year now, and—as a 60-something beginner, I’m pretty amazed by my increased strength, flexibility, and balance. I’ve trimmed down and have not only increased my confidence, but have begun to let go of the negativity that has tended to limit my physical abilities.

​​When I started, I wasn’t sure that yoga would be something I could actually do, but now I look forward to the weekly workouts with Richard as well as my steady progress as a yoga practitioner.”

   Dr. Judy Kilborn
   Professor of English
   St. Cloud State University