We Love Beginners
If you are new to yoga, or if you wish to let go of stress, tension and tightness, join us for restorative yoga.​​

Offering a Variety of Styles
​Our instructors are trained in multiple styles of yoga to offer students a more holistic yoga education.​

Individually Oriented Classes
​Our classes invite you to let go of tension & stress while learning the ancient art of yoga​

Meet Our Instructors

Our Yoga instructors strive to provide a great education in yoga and it’s applications.​

St. Cloud Private Yoga Lessons & Individualized Classes​

​Beginners are welcome!​​ Learn yoga one-on-one, or in small private classes with your friends, family or co-workers. I am Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, a Licensed Professional Counselor who has continuously taught yoga for over 2 decades in Saint Cloud, Minnesota and in Tuscon, Arizona.  ​I most commonly teach new people and older adults, or those with physical limitations. My approach is to encourage and adapt the yoga to you and your own unique body and goals for yoga.

Why Study Yoga Privately? ​

In a private yoga setting I can tailor the yoga to your own unique needs, including physical health challenges or simply being out of shape. This allows us to use specific modifications to poses based solely on you.

It is easier to avoid injury with private lessons and small classes as full attention will be on you or you and your small group. ​

You can learn yoga on based on your schedule, rather than you having to work around public yoga class times. ​​​

Progress is often faster since full attention is on you or your own small group of classmates with the instruction matching your level.​​

You may wish to plan a fun yoga activity. We have done classes for women who arranged a private class for their “women’s weekend getaway” and for pre-wedding shower activities. 

The Cost of an Hour of Private Yoga Study​

1 person = $60
2 persons = $70
3 persons = $80
4 persons = $90
5 persons = $100​
6 persons = $110
​7 persons = $120
8 persons = $130​​

Our Yoga Facility & Location​

Private yoga lessons and small private classes are held in one of two dedicated yoga rooms in the lower level of our newer home located in St. Cloud, MN. You may park in our driveway and the entrance to the lower level yoga space is the door to the right of our front door. Just walk through the walkway in the garage, go down 3 steps and you will walk into our larger yoga room. There is a client restroom just off of the yoga room for your convenience.

Your Yoga Questions Answered​

The best way to find out if private lessons or individualized classes are for you is to simply contact us. Richard would welcome a short phone conversation or email to give you answers to your specific yoga coaching questions. Text or call Richard at 320-282-8029 or email at richardjchandler@gmail.com.​

“By synchronizing body, breath and awareness, this yoga has the effect of slowing our aging process.” – Richard Chandler​​​​, MA, LPC​

Note: We Welcome & Affirm LGBTQ Clients

A Yoga Student Review:

“I’ve worked with Richard in private yoga lessons for nearly a year now, and—as a 60-something beginner, I’m pretty amazed by my increased strength, flexibility, and balance. I’ve trimmed down and have not only increased my confidence, but have begun to let go of the negativity that has tended to limit my physical abilities.

​​When I started, I wasn’t sure that yoga would be something I could actually do, but now I look forward to the weekly workouts with Richard as well as my steady progress as a yoga practitioner.”

   Dr. Judy Kilborn
   Professor of English
   St. Cloud State University