Chandler Bio

Richard in Quarry Park, Waite Park   photo by Frank Kundrat

Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, PTP (Master of Arts in Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor and Polarity Therapy Professional), has decades of experience as a yoga instructor, natural healthcare practitioner and in counseling and consulting.  He utilizes his experience to help insure that the yoga you learn is matched to your own individual strengths and physical limitations.

He began his yoga studies with Michael Reed Gach, the originator of “Acu-yoga,” (who founded the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, CA), which combines acupressure points with yoga postures. He studied “Hatha Yoga” and “Polarity Yoga” with Will Leichnitz and Elenora Lipton of Atlanta. His studies continued with the study of “Ashtanga Yoga” and “Power Yoga” from David Swenson, Doug Swenson in Lake Tahoe, CA and Larry Shultz of the ‘It’s Yoga’ studio in San Francisco, California. In addition, he has taken workshops in Kriya Yoga from Marshall Govindan and attended classes from Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado. Richard has also studied Pilates with a variety of teachers in Arizona and Chi Gong, with Dima Chen, Michael Reed Gach and Gary Barrett, which he can incorporate into his St. Cloud, MN yoga lessons and classes.

In addition to teaching in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, Richard has also taught classes for students and faculty at St. Johns University and the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN as well yoga classes for Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud District 742, Sartell & Melrose Community Education programs. His Arizona teaching experience included teaching yoga classes as a full time instructor in Tucson and Sierra Vista in 2002.

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