What to Know

Experience Peace & Joy of Yoga!

What to Know When Studying Yoga Privately

I have taught yoga for over 2 decades through public and private classes as well as individual yoga lessons. Private yoga lessons ad classes are tailored specifically to you…  your body, your limitations and your particular interest.

  • People who study yoga privately often make very quick progress, because I can individually tailor what is taught!
  • The cost is $60 per hour
  • Private yoga lessons are held  in the smaller yoga room
  • Classes are in our larger yoga room on the first level of the home that we built.

Our Yoga Location

2524 Goettens Way, St. Cloud, MN. Please park in the driveway. The entrance to the first level is the door to the right of the front door. Just walk through the walkway in the garage and down 3 steps and you are in our larger yoga room. There is a client restroom for your convenience.

Yoga Lessons are Deeply Relaxing

Our intent is to help you deeply relax and let go of stress and tension as you learn yoga. Contact us now and we can answer your questions and help you begin, or deepen, your yoga journey. You are invited to text or call us at 320-282-8029 to discuss what studying yoga through private lessons, or a private classes, would be like.

*   We Welcome & Affirm LGBTQ Clients.

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